About Us

World UnderGround Radio (WUGR)

388267_2696282920631_1063330697_32710651_1070547227_nWe are World UnderGround Radio, WUGR. Affectionately known as WUGR (pronounced wü-gər), W.U.G.R. dedicates their entire playlist to Independent and unsigned artists regardless of genre. WUGR plays Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, Alternative, Gospel, Rock, and Pop. The biggest obstacle facing thriving musicians is getting the exposure they need to expand their fan base. On WUGR artists from all over the world can be showcased, contacted, featured and broadcasted. WUGR embraces all genres of music. WUGR is where you find real artists. WUGR is a place where artists and listeners can interact with each other for exposure, entertainment, and networking. WUGR also offers business an affordable platform to disseminate their message to the masses. Companies like Royal Five Records, The Deepest Entertainment, and Ma’Misa are developing weekly programs to advertise their services, display testimonials, and give formidable information. WUGR constantly networks with different entities to in an effort to approach cross promotions in a different direction by giving first and taking second. WUGR does remote broadcasts at events and also provides video coverage as-well.


  • Website
    • biz has a stronGenericIGFlyerg following built over the past two years. Within that time span the site has grown to generate over 100k hits a month, 60k unique visitors, and 3000 user profiles nationwide.
    • Each show has their own URL and webpage with varying traffic levels. Also each show is recorded and available for podcast via wugr.biz.
    • Live Show
    • Each show broadcasts live once a week for a 1 hour period. During the hour more than 200 people tune in on average per show. The maximum to date has been 500. During this live broadcast music, interviews and live reads take place.
  • Media Coverage
    • Each show has a remote correspondent that covers special events, concerts, festivals, and other large gatherings of people. During the events the correspondent asks questions to the consumers and then asks them for a testimonial for the show’s sponsor.
    • A street team is also present to distribute promotional material with information about the show, the radio station, and sponsor if applicable.
    • The show’s correspondent, the street team, and the production crew will wear t-shirts depicting the sponsor’s logo and contact information.
    • Social Networks
    • The show, WUGR, and affiliates will use their presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to further promote your business; which includes over 100k followers and friends.
  • The Numbers
    • 100k website hits a month
    • Average size of events covered is 1000 people
    • Over 10,000 pieces of promo material delivered
    • Over 1000 listeners per show for live reads
    • 110% 3-month growth rate according to Alexa.com