World UnderGround Radio

World UndaGround Radio is an internet based radio station and online community for independent artists to get their music heard. The biggest obstacle facing thriving musicians is getting the exposure they need to expand their fan base. On WUGR artists from all over the world can be showcased, contacted, featured and broadcasted. WUGR embraces all genres of music. Are you an artist? Unsigned and want to be discovered? Or are you an independent record label that needs an outlet for upcoming projects? WUGR is where you can be seen, heard and felt by fans and consumers all over the world. Are you a Record Label, Event Promoter, or Entertainment Executive searching for the next hottest unsigned talent? WUGR is where can find unsigned and highly motivated artists with product that speaks for itself. Are you just a music lover? Underground, Hip Hop, R&B, POP, whatever.. just let it be good. You don’t mind giving unsigned talented artists a chance to rock with you for a while? WUGR is where you find real artists. WUGR is a place where artists and listeners can interact with each other for exposure, entertainment, and networking.

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