Tatted Lion : A paid movement!

Tatted Lion : A paid movement!

TattooMoney“Nothing is free”

IS the motto! Because, as soon as the auto tuned choirs, “When I go to sleep I dreaming about the money” drops, you know

Demari Fau$t is about his paper!  “When I Come Up” off the new mixtape “Tattoo Money”, is dangerously close to becoming the rap, get money, Boss anthem of the summer!!!

This song makes me want to get in my truck and blast it while I go flip BREAD!

The beat is captivating and the ambling 808’s, soooooo entice you to bounce. Traphouse pulsing snares, booming bass, it demands that you move!

He has that midwest rap/singing style that’s hot right now. However, Demari’s emotional muddy vocals, intensified by lyricism, reassures you that, this is not just your average, everyday rapper.

             Top that off with a feature from feat. Yung Nelo. Punchlines for days, mixed together this song is dope as fuck!

Ride out music fo$ho’!

Check it out!!!! Available on






Tell what you think of the track in the comments below…….

and as always……..#luvurShine

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