Perks to working out with Bae….

Perks to working out with Bae….

Don’t even think of asking me for a date, unless you take your health serious! I’m not talking body builder, just eating & being active. I mean, its guaranteed that I will ask you to work out with me so…

Here’s the reason….if we work out together, we can motivate each other to keep going! I mean working out with my home girls is one thing but working out with my MAN- well that leads to extra happy fun times! If you catch my drift….still burning calories lol


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So, the most obvious perk is that you always have a workout buddy.

Having some one work out and care as much as you do about your fitness goals, will lead you to the finish line faster! The two of you can motivate each other, turn working out into couple games, and incorporate it into your weekly actives. Its proven that you will see results faster, when working out with your mate. Working out releases endorphin’s that give you energy, its feels like a “high”. It makes you want to be more active, it gives you happy loving feelings too. All these happy feelings spill over into daily life, which is great!!! Bam! quality of life increased. Not to mention, just being around your love while working out, causes you to love them more 🙂 Proven fact. Look it up.

Maybe, just having your boo there, working out, will be enough to keep you headed to the gym, but for those who need interaction………..

remember when I mentioned “couples games”?

Does watching your man flaunt his manhood do it for you?article-2317159-198E3BFC000005DC-222_634x706   Wanna watch him go from squatting the bar to squatting you?


Well then, why not try holding his feet while he’s doing sit ups? When its your turn, kiss him once you reach his face. Beginners don’t be scared, you can use your honey instead of a bench as well! Its hard to keep time, while keeping form sometimes, let your boo do it for you. When I have a partner, I don’t need anyone to spot me while lifting. There are even a few moves you can only do with a partner. You make it work for y’all. Hearing your honey tell you to keep going, will definitely be the motivation you need to finish that last mile. Trust me when I say, there are soooo many ways to transform your everyday fitness into couples fun 😉 


try some of these…

Sit ups for 2 5f91ae9bd8a6778e6b8e2b592332c724


 Both of you get into sit-up position, you can use a ball like the pic or kiss. Just make sure you encourage each other all the way up!

“Dap me” Plank 7807-1_n    

Get down into plant position & give your love a hand shake then switch hands……

Pop that squat 

Turn back to back, squat down at the same time. When you come back up, lift leg into a 90* angle (give it a lil pop). What you do to one side you must do to the other so swap! 


Now these are a few simple moves but you can get as advanced or as freaky as you like. Turn up the heat make it a sexy work out if you like, just do it!

Here’s a few pics, I found on google, to give you some ideas 🙂

 Now these people not only work out together, but are in sync with each other, another perk to working out with bae….     

So, why not swap out a date night, with a workout?! Try something new, a new sport, fitness center, or even something y’all found together & give it a shot. It can be as simple as walking…. For me I wanna turn the heat up & wrestle, but hey, to each it own 😉 

There will always be, all kinds of activities you kick your honey out & say girls night bae, but working out together doesn’t have to be one of them. Take it & use it to build a closer bond. You will find that it not only helps maintain your health but it lingers into all aspects of life.


We are always looking for feedback, so drop me your faviort workouts with bae, in the comments below, & as always……


I get all my resources from and reading alot 🙂

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