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WUGR embraces all genres of music. Are you an artist? Unsigned and want to be discovered? Or are you an independent record label that needs an outlet for upcoming projects? WUGR is where you can be seen, heard and felt by fans and consumers all over the world.

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WUGR Updated… WHATS NEW?!?

Well you might be wondering what’s new about the redesigned website of World UnderGround radio.. Well I’m  here to let you know a few key points.. This will be quick and I have pics.. LOL… Steamlined We have a more streamlined way of navigating the site, instead of having a landing page you can now jump directly into the underground. Quick Links You can now quickly link to key areas of our website.. THE BLOG.. where you can stay updated, we have Exclusive content writers and also feature updates from our partners The Takeover and GirlFreind Talk Magazine.  ADVERTISING.. where you can see how we can help your movement grow.. Listen LIVE How you listen to WUGR is now revamped.. You can tune in directly on the homepage, from any device without having to download an App.. But you can still find us on the Tunein App and also our own WUGR app on Android devices only..  $50 Ad Packages Last and not least we have new and improved ad packages for your businesses, career, or... read more

Tatted Lion : A paid movement!

“Nothing is free” IS the motto! Because, as soon as the auto tuned choirs, “When I go to sleep I dreaming about the money” drops, you know Demari Fau$t is about his paper!  “When I Come Up” off the new mixtape “Tattoo Money”, is dangerously close to becoming the rap, get money, Boss anthem of the summer!!! This song makes me want to get in my truck and blast it while I go flip BREAD! The beat is captivating and the ambling 808’s, soooooo entice you to bounce. Traphouse pulsing snares, booming bass, it demands that you move! He has that midwest rap/singing style that’s hot right now. However, Demari’s emotional muddy vocals, intensified by lyricism, reassures you that, this is not just your average, everyday rapper.              Top that off with a feature from feat. Yung Nelo. Punchlines for days, mixed together this song is dope as fuck! Ride out music fo$ho’! Check it out!!!! Available on www.livemixtapes.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xP8P-HvWNQ https://twitter.com/xDemariFaustx https://www.facebook.com/DemarisMovie www.instagram.com/xdemarifaustx Tell what you think of the track in the comments below……. ‪and as... read more

Perks to working out with Bae….

Don’t even think of asking me for a date, unless you take your health serious! I’m not talking body builder, just eating & being active. I mean, its guaranteed that I will ask you to work out with me so… Here’s the reason….if we work out together, we can motivate each other to keep going! I mean working out with my home girls is one thing but working out with my MAN- well that leads to extra happy fun times! If you catch my drift….still burning calories lol   Perks to working out with Bae….. So, the most obvious perk is that you always have a workout buddy. Having some one work out and care as much as you do about your fitness goals, will lead you to the finish line faster! The two of you can motivate each other, turn working out into couple games, and incorporate it into your weekly actives. Its proven that you will see results faster, when working out with your mate. Working out releases endorphin’s that give you energy, its feels like a “high”. It makes you want to be more active, it gives you happy loving feelings too. All these happy feelings spill over into daily life, which is great!!! Bam! quality of life increased. Not to mention, just being around your love while working out, causes you to love them more 🙂 Proven fact. Look it up. Maybe, just having your boo there, working out, will be enough to keep you headed to the gym, but for those who need interaction……….. remember when I mentioned “couples games”? Does watching your man flaunt his manhood do it for you?   Wanna watch... read more

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We strive to play the latest and best music with great respect to Independent music.  WUGR plays a great mix of late 80s and 90s music during the week while your at work with our #WorkFlow playlist.

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Every evening at 7pm est you can tune in to get your fix of latest music, trending topics, and upcoming events.  WUGR’s lively talk shows bring a different flavor to online broadcasting.  EVERY DAY at 7PM.


WUGR will bring your the hottest music, the latest events and the up to date info on the latest trending topics. Tune in.. Read the blog.. or just follow us on social media..

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